Tuesday February 24, 2015

My work week began today with plenty of activity. I not only had six students (one cancelled, thankfully), but I had a furnace guy here and he didn’t know why I had no heat for several hours on Sunday morning, but he did track down the odor that has been bothering me for two months and which no one else seemed to be able to smell. Unfortunately I have rats in my crawl space and they have gotten into my insulation. So next Monday (I hope) all the insulation will be removed and a new system for insulating my pipes installed (apparently quite pricey, but it doesn’t provide any nesting for rats). At least I don’t think I’m losing my mind imagining the smell, but now I’m rather freaked out instead. Anyway, it made for a lot of distraction today as I was tutoring and I was glad my students were so patient as I wasn’t always terribly well focused.

rotating through
along with
furnace men
distractions abound

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