Wednesday February 25, 2015

I only had four students today and I didn’t have to teach my bridge class because this week was their week to play a game, and I have to admit I was glad to have a quieter day. I did meet with Daniel from Vashon Heating and Cooling to discuss the plans for my crawlspace, to get rid of all the bad stuff, make the space cleaner and drier, and insure that the rats can’t get back in. There will be a number of advantages to the work, in addition to keeping unwanted guests out, and so I signed a contract to have it done. It’s very pricey, but will be a permanent solution to the rodent problem, which is a major issue on Vashon, as well as providing a healthier home, so it’s definitely worth it. The work will start on Friday as they remove all the insulation and other debris and get rid of the smell. I finished one puzzle and started another, and I’m ready to call it a day. Tomorrow is another seven student day, so I need to quiet for the night.

a gentler day
with just four students
enough time to
finish one puzzle
and start another