Friday February 27, 2015

Today has been a very noisy day as the removal of the insulation from the crawlspace began. I was told that the rat infestation was really bad and I did not ask for details. I don’t need more nightmares. I think they got the bulk of the insulation out and things will be smelling better. The main guy on this project is on vacation next week, so we should have a week off before this project resumes. There is a lot of noise involved and I gather there will be even more when they have to nail the board insulation to the concrete walls, and this is causing my very anxious Oliver to shake even harder. I gave him one of his sedative pills this morning when I saw how much this was bothering him and I think it helped. I had a couple of appointments and then I worked on my puzzle. I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend.

noisy day
crawl space repairs
an anxious dog
shakes even more
a quiet weekend ahead

4 thoughts on “Friday February 27, 2015

  1. While I don’t remember the noise… (and we don’t have a crawl space) we had to have our home lifted because the twit builder built it on his own debris pile. One of the last homes in the development. And we didn’t realized it was sinking until it was too late to sue his rear end. After the house was jacked up they pumped in concrete to hold it up. No joke the one side of the house – we couldn’t open or close the windows it was so out of line. This same twit saved costs by putting in apartment stove/ovens in house kitchens.

    Does Oliver have a weight vest? Sometimes I have heard that animals afraid of thunder have a weight vest – seems to provide that comforting ‘weight’ and helps them settle.

  2. Gads, Jules! Your issues make my rats seem really minor. I hope the twit is out of business. Anyway, I can’t believe I forgot about Oliver’s thundershirt! Thanks for the reminder and I’ll definitely put that on him next week when the work continues. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks, Libby and I’m glad both you and Jules reminded me of that. Oliver does have a thundershirt and I can’t believe I forgot about it! Many thanks for the reminder and I’ll definitely use that with him next week when the work continues! πŸ™‚

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