Sunday March 1, 2015

I have had a lovely quiet day. I started a new puzzle and it is coming along nicely. A friend came over to watch a show, which was nice. And now I need to call it a day and get ready for tomorrow’s construction on the crawl space. At least my home is smelling a lot better, which is a major plus!

a new puzzle
a friend stops by
to watch a show
a quiet day

4 thoughts on “Sunday March 1, 2015

  1. We got some snow and ice – I did some grocery shopping and then we went to family for dinner. I would have like to have stayed home… but the roads were passable. Unfortunately another couple that was supposed to come didn’t as their roads were worse.

    Good luck on the ‘house’ work. Remember Oliver’s shirt 😉

  2. We were up in the 40’s yesterday, but there is another snow, ice, rain storm due by the end of the week…

    A friend reminded us that in some years he was mowing already by this time. At least my mower is a self propelled model.

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