Wednesday March 4, 2015

It’s been another long day with tutoring, teaching my bridge class, and running errands. It’s also the fourth day of crawl space renovations and my students, fur friends, and I listened to the removal of a leftover pile of concrete, among other things. I’ll sure be glad when this is all done.

restless nights
followed by
long days
frosted cyclamen
along the walkway

2 thoughts on “Wednesday March 4, 2015

  1. We are not like the far north that knows what to do with snow…
    Today Thurs 3.5.15 our latest snow storm system to drop off 2-4 inches of snow, coming after a full overnight evening of non-stop rain, has already shut down most of the schools and a bunch of business… (as of 6 am when I last checked).

    At least I won’t have to shovel until it stops. I just have to remember where the news paper is so if I get out the snow blower I don’t chop up the news (which might be an improvement…).

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