Spring Break

I am so grateful for Spring Break, which now is a bit more than half done. I’m a volunteer tutor for our alternative high school, tutoring 34 hours each week, if everyone comes (thank heavens for cancellations!). I was really ready for Spring Break and I’ve spent the week mostly puttering on small projects, moving slowly and at my own pace, playing with my cats, and working puzzles. I even got to have lunch with a friend yesterday. Today there was a break in the rain (didn’t last–it’s now raining again) and it was not bitter cold, so I worked on getting my small outdoor fountain working again. I had to unplug it last winter when the pump became clogged with pine needles. The pump was really too small anyway. I’ve now replaced the pump with a bigger one, which I’ve put inside a screened basket to keep it free of debris, and plugged it back in. I can see it from my kitchen window (as well as from the yard) and it’s brightened my day to have it running again.