New Catio

My second catio (an enclosed patio designed for cats) was built yesterday. It’s quite a bit smaller than my first one (which I’ll post photos of in another post) and this one was designed for my sweet Foxy, being located off her purple alcove. The two people building it arrived yesterday at 8:30am and didn’t finish until after 10pm, so it was a long and noisy day, but this morning, my kittens, first Emmett and then Ghost, checked it out and then I was thrilled to find that Foxy came out to examine it thoroughly. This was her first venture into one of my catios, although she’d enjoyed the catio at the shelter where she’d lived for two years before I adopted her. You can just spot her near the top of the photo below, just to the right of the pink tunnel. You can also see Emmett off to the left in the tunnel, returning back inside.