Puzzles and Books

I enjoy putting jigsaw puzzles together. I find it very relaxing and my fur friends and I have come to an agreement about my puzzles–when I’m not working on them, I cover them with a large piece of plexiglass so the cats can’t flip the pieces on the floor for the dogs to chew on. I also tutor at the table (with the plexiglass) and my students enjoy seeing the changing backdrop for their work.

One of my latest puzzles was a collage of the titles of many of The Hardy Boy mysteries and that brought back memories of when I was in sixth grade, sick in bed for a week with strep throat, and I discovered those books. Until then, I hadn’t been a really avid reader, but for some reason, be it boredom or whatever, I fell in love with those books. That was the start of my love of reading and while no one would ever call those books great, they were the trigger for me, and I’ve never looked back.