Poppies, Firs, and a Chipmunk

I love this time of year. Everything is bursting with new growth and my very favorites are my baby (and not so baby) volunteer firs, followed closely by my volunteer poppies. The poppies are bright yellow and look very cheery; the new growth on the firs is so very soft and fluffy.

Meanwhile, my morning was brightened even more when, as I was looking out my bedroom window while I brushing my teeth, I caught sight of a cute chipmunk. We don’t have a lot chipmunks so sighting one is a relatively rare occurrence. I couldn’t get a photo of the chipmunk, but I was able to follow her/his progress through my front yard.

Our weather is also starting to get warmer and drier. The weather people say that we should now have ten days or so of warm, sunny weather, something we haven’t seen for quite awhile. I’m sure this will please my cats as they enjoy their new outdoor enclosed catios.