Changing Sheets with Kittens

On Saturdays I do the majority of my weekly chores, which include changing my sheets. This morning one of my kittens, Emmett, discovered that there are drawers under my bed. Calliope has already found this and she enjoys helping me by climbing into the drawer where I keep my clean sheets. Once inside the drawer she can than climb over the back of the drawer and hence under the bed. I then leave the drawer open while I put on the clean sheets, making sure that I don’t bump into it until she decides to leave.

This morning Emmett decided to check things out. He climbed into the drawer and then went no farther, I expect, because he didn’t want to approach Calliope. 


After awhile, both cats left and I completed making my bed. But Emmett wasn’t done yet. He returned and proceeded to hunt for the drawer. First he went under my quilt, making my freshly made bed look as if it had been slept in. The bulge in the photo is Emmett.


He scurried all around under the quilt searching for the drawer. Finally, he came out and went to the corner of the drawer which had previously been open and he spent a long time trying to open it. He didn’t succeed this morning, but I’m sure he will eventually! He’s a very clever kitty.