Good Friends

Yesterday I was surprised by good friends with a new mailbox. It is absolutely magnificent and I smile every time I see it. I’m sure it will serve me with much joy for many years.

This all began when I had become frustrated with a leaking mailbox several years ago. At that point, another friend built a “house” cover over it using scraps of painted wood left over from my home remodel. That solution worked reasonably well, but over the intervening years what was meant to be a temporary solution weathered and began looking very sad.

I then asked my very dear friends, Paul and Anja, if they could come up with a solution, something that would be practical but also whimsical, serving as a landmark for my home. But little did I ever imagine what a wonderful solution they would come up with. They really went way above and beyond anything I could have envisioned. Paul installed it yesterday and it is just perfect! Many thanks and I’m so very fortunate to have such wonderful friends!