Cat Helpers

I am a quilter and I donate many of my quilts to Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. At the moment I’m working on three more quilts and as usual, I get a lot of help. Quilting with kittens is always exciting. Yesterday I cut the flannel for the three backs, but I was too tired to sew the pieces together. I left the flannel on my large ironing table, planning to sew the three backs today.

When I got up this morning I discovered that Emmett and Ghost had been busy, very helpfully rearranging things for me.


It is so wonderful to have such admirable help. I have now sewed the pieces together and the three backs are currently being washed. The flannel needs to be washed not because of the kittens but because flannel shrinks at a different rate and so can’t be quilted with the front until it has been washed. My three tops are nearly done as well and soon, thanks to my helpful assistants, I will have three more quilts ready to wing their way to brighten the days of patients at Children’s.