Solar Eclipse

Today I witnessed the solar eclipse which had a path of totality across the United States. I did not travel to that path, but in the Seattle area we still got a 92% eclipse. It has been an incredible experience and I managed to take a few photos using a pinhole in a piece of heavy paper which projected the image onto my house or another darker piece of paper. 

It was a bit tricky to hold the pinhole paper with one hand and the camera with the other, but I was pleased with my efforts.


Above is the photo I got at the point of the greatest eclipse. I tutored a student this morning, and we felt the effects of the eclipse as the sunlight dimmed. It was truly amazing.

I also noticed that my fur friends were definitely noticing the dimming of the sunlight. Emmett and Ghost, my kittens, started running around outside as if it was late afternoon.


At the point of greatest eclipse I saw Emmett (on the right) staring at the sun. Ghost also was staring towards the sun until he heard me come out. Hopefully they had enough sense not to get their eyes damaged.

My dogs just paced and paced and went outside and then back inside, back and forth, in and out, as they seemed to be wondering what was going on. Of course, my behavior might have been influencing them.

I got two final photos as the eclipse was ending. The last one I actually took inside, from the sunlight streaming through the skylight and I think it came out really well. Should I ever get a chance to do this again, I’ll remember that!