Kitten Nighttime Antics

I should know better, but somehow, last night after I opened the treat drawer in my kitchen to get out more greenies, I neglected to close it (at least that’s what I hope happened because if Ghost and Emmett have learned how to open drawers I’m in big trouble!). The result of my inattention was that I woke up this morning to find several storage bags chewed open and my entire backup supply of Little Pink Socks scattered around my home.

For those of you who may not know, the Little Pink Sock is a trademark of Mutts Comics¬†and their catnip filled little pink socks are about the best cat toy I’ve found. So at the last sale, I stocked up, but I thought I’d hidden the spares away so I could bring out them out one at a time. I now have a house seemingly filled with Little Pink Socks, but I’m thinking that’s a good thing. My cats carry them everywhere, and right now there are older pink socks outside in several of the catios and tunnels.

One thing is certain. Life with kittens is never dull!