I am a 71 yr. old single vegan lesbian living with two dogs and four cats on Vashon, a small rural island community just west of Seattle. I am a volunteer tutor and librarian at Student Link, Vashon’s alternative high school. I also quilt, making lap quilts which I call “Portable Hugs.” I donate these to a variety of charities, but primarily to Vashon Youth and Family Services. I also have published seven fantasy novels.

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  1. No one will be surprised to learn that I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Award for bloggers. Thank you for what you do for students. Thank you for the beauty you bring to this world, especially through your wonderful words.


  2. I have just discovered your dragon rider book through amazon and loved it. My children are now reading it and love it as much as I do. I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your books and please keep writing. Who knows maybe next time I’m at the family beach house on Vashon Island during the summer we might run into each other in town..
    (p.s. – I do have one question if you dont mindanswering. Are you an Anne McCaffrey fan? Just wondering because I see a lot of her style, wit, talent, love for dragons in the way you write. I am a die hard fan of hers, and have read every single book she has ever written, so if you are you have found another Pern fan. If not check her out)

  3. Thank you so much, Candice!!! You have truly made my day! And my sixth novel should be published soon. I’m just awaiting the interior proof, followed by the full proof. I too am a die hard Anne McCaffrey fan and that makes your comment even more special. Thanks again so much! 🙂

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