Sunday March 8, 2015

I’ve had a gentle, quiet day, working on puzzles. I finished one and started another. I was glad for the quiet. Not looking forward to having to get up in the dark tomorrow to be ready for more crawl space work, but it will be done soon, hopefully before the week ends.

one puzzle
starting another
looking out at
the lovely day


Saturday March 7, 2015

It was so nice not to have workers here today. Not that I don’t appreciate all that they are doing to make the crawl space dry and rat free, but the noise is wearing. I got my weekly chores done and then wrote a book review before switching over to my puzzle. I have it nearly completed. Just 48 pieces to go. I also changed all my clocks so that I could lose the hour during the day and not mess with my sleep, but I’m not sure I was very successful at fooling myself. I really am not a fan of daylight savings, truth be known.

the puzzle
nearly complete
a friend stops by
for a visit

Friday March 6, 2015

I shuffled my two appointments to earlier slots so that I’d have time for lunch before the vet visit and then when I got home I found a message from the vet asking me to reschedule because they had several emergencies. So we will have our vet visit next Friday instead. And I got my hair cut much shorter today–I was tired of way too much hair! I also had it colored–pink, blue, turquoise, and purple. I’m very pleased with the results.

getting a hair cut
and color
fruit trees
beginning to blossom
across the island

Thursday March 5, 2015

Once again I woke to a cold house with the furnace not working. Thankfully, Matt from Vashon Heating and Cooling was able to come right over, and an hour and half later, I had a new thermostat and heat! The thermostat was even under warranty, having been installed only last fall, so there were no charges which was nice. And by the time my first student arrived the house was again properly heated. I only had three students today since the other three had cancelled for a variety of reasons, and I was glad for the easier day. The work continues on the crawl space. Today all holes or cracks were filled with concrete so that there is no way for rats to get in. Tomorrow, I think, everything gets sanitized and deodorized, which will get rid of the slight residue odor.

to no heat
a new thermostat
before tutoring

Wednesday March 4, 2015

It’s been another long day with tutoring, teaching my bridge class, and running errands. It’s also the fourth day of crawl space renovations and my students, fur friends, and I listened to the removal of a leftover pile of concrete, among other things. I’ll sure be glad when this is all done.

restless nights
followed by
long days
frosted cyclamen
along the walkway

Tuesday March 3, 2015

I’m too tired to write much. I had seven students today, back-to-back without a break. And the crawl space work continues with the digging of a trench as part of the drainage/sump pump system and that was noisy as the shovel handles hit the ceiling of the crawl space. Our temperatures have dropped significantly, and without any insulation I really feel the change. It’s hard to keep the house warm with all the cold air swooping in from the crawl space. Eventually it will be insulated again, but I’ve certainly been given a graphic demonstration on the importance of insulation!

a full day
of tutoring
one student
after another
ice on the birdbath

Monday March 2, 2015

I spent the day reading and working on my new puzzle. I also got to have lunch with a good friend. Work continued on my crawlspace and now all the old smelly stuff is gone.

piece by piece
working on a
new puzzle
having lunch
with a friend

Sunday March 1, 2015

I have had a lovely quiet day. I started a new puzzle and it is coming along nicely. A friend came over to watch a show, which was nice. And now I need to call it a day and get ready for tomorrow’s construction on the crawl space. At least my home is smelling a lot better, which is a major plus!

a new puzzle
a friend stops by
to watch a show
a quiet day

Saturday February 28, 2015

I got my weekly chores done and then corrected a few errors in the interior proof copy of my new novel. I had moments of thinking I’d read it all again, but instead i decided just to look for any glaring errors. There comes a time when it just has to be done. I then worked on my puzzle and I even took a nap. The puzzle is now completed and I’ve chosen my next one, which I’ll start tomorrow.

the interior proof
the week’s chores done
an afternoon nap
and completed puzzle