Monday November 24, 2014

I started the day writing my penultimate chapter. Then after I finished my morning routine, I decided I couldn’t wait to find out how it all ends, so I wrote my ultimate chapter for a total of over 7000 words today alone. My first draft is now completed and printed. I need to punch holes in the pages so I can put it in a binder, and then, in a few days or weeks, I’ll begin the editing and find out if what I’ve written has any merit. It will be strange not to be writing tomorrow, but there it is. I did write a book review today as well, and then I was sad to see, when I went outside to get my mail, a dead deer by the side of the road by my front fence. I’ve arranged to have the poor thing removed tomorrow, but it was a sad ending to the day. A friend called to offer her sympathies. I have just a day and a half of tutoring before the holiday break, which I’m very much looking forward to.

a day of writing
eager to see
where the story ends
NaNoWriMo 2014

Sunday November 23, 2014

I wrote another chapter today and discovered that I still have two left, so today’s was once again, the antepenultimate chapter. If that proves to be just as true tomorrow, then I should finish my rough draft on Tuesday. I also cut a bit more fabric and pieced the last of the squares for the three quilts I’m doing. I may get them laid out tomorrow after I write my chapter. I also worked on my puzzle and watched a movie.

that my story has
another chapter
all the squares pieced
for the next three quilts

Saturday November 22, 2014

I have done many different things today, from Saturday chores, to piecing more quilt squares, to writing my antepenultimate chapter (or so I think at the moment), to writing a book review, to walking Oliver, and finally working on my puzzle. I’m tired but happily content.

the antepenultimate chapter
in my novel
quilt squares

Friday November 21, 2014

The weekend is here and I am very glad. This morning I figured out the ending of my novel, or my characters did. It just came to me and I’m thrilled with it. I have three more chapters, I think, before I’m finished. Meanwhile I had an appointment and then met with my osteopath. She is pleased with my progress but reminded me that I’m still in rest mode. I have to continue icing my left knee (but I don’t have to do the right anymore, so that’s progress), and I can walk Oliver but no more than three times a week and less if I’m having any discomfort. Little by little I return to what I call normal. I am planning a weekend of writing and piecing quilt squares.

figuring out
the ending of my novel
heavy rains
pouring down
on the skylight

Thursday November 20, 2014

I am closing in on my goal of 80,000 words and should pass that tomorrow. My novel is also coming to an end in another few chapters, I think. Guess I’ll wait and see what my characters say. That’s what I love about NaNoWriMo. There are surprises around every corner. I tutored three students and another two cancelled allowing me time to finish my chapter and take Oliver for a walk. I even got to work on my puzzle for a bit.

lighten a busy day
allowing time
for a dog walk
and a mug of tea

Wednesday November 19, 2014

I had to sandwich my writing in and around several students, but I got my chapter done. I’m not sure how many more chapters I have, but I think I’ll make my goal of more than 80,000 words. Now I just have to hope that some of those words are good! I love NaNoWriMo! I’ve added another student to my line-up which is going to make Wednesdays long, but he is a student I’ve had before and I couldn’t say no. I didn’t have time to walk Oliver today but I’d already decided that I probably shouldn’t. I’m trying to be sensible. I also taught my bridge class and picked up the batting and the last of the fabric for the three quilts I’m now working on.

the last fabric
for three quilts
editing an essay
for a student

Tuesday November 18, 2014

Another day and another chapter. My students are remarkably patient with me when my thoughts stray, which I’m blaming on my novel. Several of them are quite interested in my progress. I ended up writing in four separate slots today, but I enjoyed it and made good progress. I tutored four students and when the last one left I decided to take Oliver for a walk! It is the first time in over two weeks that we’ve attempted it, and I think it went fine. I can feel my knees a bit more, but hopefully I didn’t overdo because both of us really enjoyed it. Oliver was so happy when we went out the gate that he nearly turned a cartwheel.

for the first time
in two weeks
taking the dog
for a walk
a cold crisp afternoon